About Us

Cell phone accessories and peripherals are needlessly expensive at the regular brick and mortar repair shops. Often selling with over 1000% markup (seriously, we did the math), charging a foot and a leg to do 20 minutes of repair work.

What we seek to do for the customer is eliminate the gap between astronomical prices and lackluster reliability. Asesino offers you the perfect mix- Reliability, affordability, and convenience. This is done by removing the massive expense of brick and mortar altogether. Combine that with tested and true suppliers and you have the perfect mix.


FAST customer service

We live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They weren’t joking on South Park when they said there’s nothing to do here. Customer service is all we have time for.


FAST shipping

A point is made to ship out the products the day of, or the next day the post office is open.


Economical pricing

You won’t find $80 phone covers here- but you will find ones that do exactly the same thing.


Bulletproof quality

As a promise of our commitment to you, the customer, all products come with various ranges of hassle-free warranties, as appropriate. Something you will not get at other places.